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Beyond The Horizon REVISED release date!

Hi everyone!

After much complication, I’ve decided to push Beyond The Horizon’s publication date back by one month. There are three main reasons why I did this.

1) My final edits were a little more complicated than I expected, and my progress is going a lot slower than expected. (Not sure if y’all are aware, but babies take up a lot of time…) So this decision was to make sure I had enough time to finish these edits so I can make this novel as good as I can possibly make it for you. I’ve been working on this book for 16 years. I can wait one more month to put it out there.

2) I joined up with a launch tour company who I am very excited to work with, and they needed that extra month to make it work. I feel, again, this will be extremely beneficial for my novel and my career and is absolutely worth the little extra wait.

3) Up until now, my cover designer has been wonderful to work with, and we’ve created a design I am absolutely in love. But a while back they stopped responding to my messages and I am, at this time, left without a finalized cover. I’m growing concerned that something may have happened to them (as this seems very out of character) and hope this extra time will give me a bit of a cushion if I have to scramble to find someone else to finish the cover off.

And so, I give you my new release date: February 7th 2023!

Thank you all for your understanding! Luckily, I haven’t put pre-orders up yet so this won’t really mess with anyone other than myself anyway.

Happy reading,


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