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​It's said that K.J. Cloutier was born with  a pen in her hand. She wrote her first book at five years old. And then another at seven. And now, as an adult, she still loves to write about fantastical worlds, but her prose, she hopes, is now much better. When not writing, she’s usually daydreaming about writing, while also cooking, travelling, and wandering near the woods or water. She loves to travel and so far has been to Australia, Costa Rica, Iceland, Mexico, USA, Canada, Spain, and France. She's in real danger of one day being crushed under her forever growing collection of books. But will she stop buying them? Of course not. She lives with her husband, son, three dogs and a bearded dragon in a tiny house by the lake in B.C., Canada.

Beyond The Horizon is her debut novel and is out now!

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