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Sign up to be a Beta Reader for
Beneath Crimson Sails


What is a Beta Reader?

A beta reader is someone who reads a largely unedited version of a book, and then gives feedback about the larger aspects of the story, like the plot, pacing, characters, etc. The author will then take this feedback and possibly do edits to reflect it.

This is different the an ARC reader, who reads a final version of the book in order to leave a review. I will be looking for ARC readers in a few months, but not quite yet.

If you're interested in beta reading Beneath Crimson Sails (book 2 in the Beyond The Horizon series) please fill out the form below. I'd love to have you aboard!

Please note. There are only 10-15 beta reading spots available so I can’t guarantee you’ll be picked. But if not, try to apply again for an ARC later. I’ll need a lot more ARC readers.

Are you interested in Beta reading Beneath Crimson Sails?
Ebook format preference
Do you agree to not pass along or otherwise share the beta file without permission?
Do you agree to not spoil Beneath Crimso Sail for other readers?
Have you already read Beyond The Horizon?
If you answered no to the above question, would you be willing to read it first? (I will send you free ebook)
Would you be able to read the book by the end of March? (I'm hopingto get the file send out in early/mid Feb)

Thanks for submitting!

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